What You Need to Know Before Adopting a Doberman

The Doberman pinscher is a majestic-looking dog, but because they are always portrayed as evil dogs in movies, they have a bad reputation among non-dog lovers. How do you know if your family is ready to raise this beautiful breed? Below are facts you need to remember before adopting a Doberman pinscher.

They were bred as companions

These smart dogs were originally bred as guard dogs and loyal companions. Their name is taken from a tax collector who went around, well, collecting taxes. The dog was supposed to protect him and look intimidating to people, but also act as a loyal friend at home. So if the Doberman looks scary to you, they were meant to look that way.

They were also used as fighters

One of their negative reputation comes from being bread as dog fighters, but again the problem is not with the breed but how they were abused over the years because of their looks. Some owners choose to have the dog’s tail docked and the ears clipped to make them look even more sinister, but these are unnecessary. Other breeders argue that the clipping of the ears is supposed to prevent infections, but this is false. Like pitbulls and German shepherds they are one of the most misunderstood breeds, so be ready to hear negative comments from people.

They are intelligent dogs

They are among the smartest dog breeds in the world, which means they can be trained. It is recommended that you sign up your dog for an obedience training while still young, so they do not get bored. Regular exercise and walks to the park are recommended for this breed. Socializing and training are a must for any active and intelligent breed to avoid behavior problems.

They are sensitive to the cold

The breed generally has little body fat, which means that they can get cold easily. They are ideal for the weather in Singapore and can live in air-conditioned apartments. If you notice your dog is getting cold, you can make it wear a dog sweater to help them keep a normal body temperature.

They are good family dogs

Despite their reputation, they are fiercely loyal companions. To avoid problems with children and other animals, you need to socialize your dog while still young. Not only will you have an excellent guard dog, but a loyal family member, too.

They are prone to various health issues Irresponsible breeding has led to plenty of health problems especially in purebred Doberman pinschers. If you can, you should adopt from rescue centers instead of buying from a shady breeder or pet shop. You should also be financially capable in addressing any health issue that come with the breed. Some of the most common problems include Wobbler’s syndrome, hip dysplasia, von Willebrand’s diseases, and eye diseases.

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