7 Smart Tips for Beginner Hikers

First time to go hiking? Worry not. We’re here to help you pack and go. Here’s a list of seven useful tips that will help you kickstart your new outdoor adventure.

1. Have Enough Hydration
It is important that you don’t feel parched during a hike. However, water weighs a ton! For a day hike, half a liter of water and a few cups of fruit jellies you can find in the supermarket should be enough to keep you hydrated. You can also ask ahead of time if you’ll come across water refill spots.

2. Waterproof Everything
Even though the weather forecast doesn’t say it’s going to rain on the day of your trip, you will never know what you’ll come across during the hike. Expect that you’ll get soaked at some point, so better pack your things in Ziplocs and waterproof bags before getting into the woods.

3. Wear Bright Colours
It may be tempting to wear black and gray, but it’s not the best option to keep yourself safe in case you go missing. Other than safety reasons, bright colours are cooler and more comfortable to wear, especially when going on a hike during the summer months.

4. Bring Something Easy to Munch On
The more food you pack, the harder it is for you to hike. Bringing something lightweight, easy to eat but filling like sandwiches and granola bars would be ideal. You are there for the adventure, anyway—not to host a buffet.

5. Check the Weather Forecast
Whether or not this is your first time to hike, be sure to check the weather forecast a day before AND on the day of the trip. You don’t want a heavy downpour while parading up and down a peak, right?

6. Keep it Light
The ultimate key to light packing is asking yourself this question: “Do I really need this?” As mentioned, you would want your backpack to be as light as possible. Unless you aim for #ootd photos and you’re buff enough to hike for hours with heavy loads, that’s totally fine. You do you, girl.

7. Invest In Good Footwear
If you don’t plan on hiking regularly, any rubber shoes will do. However, if you decide to pursue hiking and travelling, it would be ideal to invest in a good pair of trekking shoes. You will be surprised how convenient it is to walk, climb and hop through uneven and muddy surfaces in quality footwear. You don’t want accidental slips and slides, do you?

Above all, have fun in your new adventure. Go wander and savour the beauty of nature.

4 Ways to Avoid Freaking Out During a Turbulence


When flying outside Singapore, it is normal to be anxious especially if there is a slight jolt but this should not keep you from flying or traveling in general. Flying should be a wonderful experience minus the presence of turbulence. Fliers are always nervous when there is turbulence. That is purely understandable but being anxious the whole travel time is just not practical.


If turbulence scares you a lot, you just need some strategies to calm yourself. Always think that it is not as bad as you picture it to be. When you experience turbulence, just think of it as a hump. In this case, the only difference is that you do not know when the next hump is since you cannot see it. For people who easily freak out even with just a little jolt, riding a plane can be a traumatic experience.

It is always up to you to calm your nerves and not freak out. Here are some tips on calming your nerves when encountering turbulence:

  1. Assure yourself that you are not going to crash. Remember that airplanes are created and designed to withstand even the harshest condition. It will not simply crash because of numerous bumps. You haven’t heard of a plane crashed because of the turbulence, right? Always keep in mind that planes are built to remain in the air.


  1. Fasten seatbelts. You may think that seatbelts are irrelevant therefore you ignore it. The only thing that you can do to keep safe when flying is to fasten your seatbelt all the time (or at least during the fasten seatbelt sign is indicated) and not walk or stand when there is turbulence. This is for your self-protection because you may hurt yourself.

Flying with airplane

  1. Have faith. You have to trust the skills and experiences of the pilots derived from many years of study and practice plus the modern airplanes. Turbulence cannot take down a plane however thunderstorms can especially if it is still near the ground. The good news is that pilots are taught to cruise around storms and in the case of modern technology, there exists radar detection that can help pilots navigate amidst the storm.


  1. Try to be busy with something (anything). It is not easy to do other things if you know something is wrong but it can make a difference at the end of the day. Your effort will not be for naught if you just do other things when you see thunderstorms or you feel the turbulence. There are many magazines inside the plane and if it is not enough, bring a book with you. Music can soothe your mind too.

Seated passengers in aeroplane cabin, rear view (multiple exposure)

Free Things to Expect in a Flight  


Flying in the past is luxurious with all the gratis but these days, we are afraid to ask for some because the airline might charge us extra. However, there are still little things that we can expect in a flight for free. Fancy what they are? Here’s the list of gratis that we can enjoy during the flight:


  • Toothpaste: There are specific airline companies that provide a dental hygiene kit – you only need to ask. Having a fresh breath is better especially if you attempt to speak to your neighbour.
  • Slippers: If you are in for a long-haul flight, it is not wrong to ask for slippers and socks. These things are simple yet it can give comfort. The trick here is to be kind to the attendant and you might find yourself with slippers and socks.


  • Kid’s games: To get kids occupied during the flight, some airline companies conduct games and activities. Your kids might be given colouring books or portable devices that will distract and keep them occupied all throughout the journey. It is the best interest of the airline to keep kids quiet, comfortable and enjoyable.
  • First aid supplies: If you ask for it, the attendant might give you Band-Aids or Neosporin.
  • Ear plugs and sleep masks: You notice the noise on the plane when it is time to sleep. The simple remedy is ear plugs and many airline companies provide a handful for passengers to be comfortable. If the light is too distracting for you to sleep, you can consider sleep masks. You just need to ask.

Travelling outside Singapore should be a pleasant experience and need not to be that expensive. With these simple gratis, things are different and more enjoyable.sleepmaster

Stress-Free Holiday Travel Tips

The holidays are just around the corner. A lot of people are making plans for their holiday vacations- some opt to travel within the country while others prefer to explore foreign destinations.

Evidently, during this time, a lot of people flock airports, waiting for their flights. Long lines and a noisy atmosphere can give you stress. To avoid all the hassle involved in traveling during the holidays, read some of our helpful tips.


  1. Be early.

Airport lines on holidays are a complete nightmare. Lines are really long and some transactions may last longer than expected, depending on the client’s concerns. To prepare yourself, see to it that you arrive an hour early for your scheduled flight.  Also, be sure to check-in early to avoid long lines and to get the seat you are comfortable with.


  1. Use an app.

Nowadays, there are applications for everything you might think of. Download an app that will let you receive notifications regarding your flight. Some airlines also have their own apps so that clients can access flight details from their phones.


  1. Fly when others can’t.

If you’re on a flexible schedule, then you’re very lucky. Schedule flights ahead of the usual dates when the airport is full of people. This way you can be spared from the holiday airport rush and you can have a fuss-free flight.


  1. Get a travel insurance.

If you’re traveling somewhere that has extreme weather conditions, you may want to get a travel insurance that covers flight delays and cancellations. If you can, choose to travel to places that have stable weather to avoid any delay.


  1. Look after your baggage.

It is common to lose track of your baggage especially during the busy season, when a lot of people are constantly in and out of the airport. Invest in a luggage tracker that keeps an eye on the exact location of your lost baggage. An important tip is also to wrap gifts upon arriving to your destination since you’ll likely have problems with security with it.

  1. Stay at home.

If you have a flexible schedule and you have no important travel plans during the holidays, keep in mind that you can in fact just celebrate the holidays at home. Consider taking your vacation after the holidays so that your travel will be hassle-free. Post-holiday trips are usually cheaper than peak holiday flights so you’ll be able to save travel cost.


Tips for Going on a Trip

Your kids are looking forward to summer because they get to go somewhere. If you are the type of parent that gives reward to your kids in the form of summer trip, you should know some tips so the summer can be a happy and smooth experience. Singaporean families love to go somewhere for the summer. Summer is the best time to travel because of long weekends or great travel deals.

112634237 - © shutterstock.com - Artens _3

Travelling with the family will be a wonderful and memorable experience. However, things will not be easy. You have to accept that being in a strange and unfamiliar place is stressful especially if you consistently think about the safety of the kids. You do not need to be anxious because you can enjoy the whole trip by considering the following things:

  • Secure travel documents: If you planning to travel abroad, you have to secure the travel documents first. You need to renew your passport (if it expired) and you need to get passports for your kids. You should also book the flight and the hotel. Make sure to print it and show it to the immigration.
  • Pack medicines: Do not assume that the kids will not get sick during their travel. You have to think of every worse scenario. You should at least pack some medicines especially for fever.car-travel-essential-drugs
  • Bring gadgets: You have to accept that kids feel tired and bored. They need to be entertained especially if it is a long trip. You have to amuse them or keep them preoccupied for the moment. You can bring tablets if you want.
  • Secure drinking water: Your kids will be distracted with the view and other solid food. You should not forget to give them water. If they do not drink too much, they will be dehydrated. So, take some time in reminding them to drink water.
  • Pack lightly: You do not need to bring lots of clothes when you travel. It will be easier to move if you pack lightly. Your kids cannot help much with the luggage.
  • Have fun: The most important thing is to have fun with the family. The place will not matter as long as the whole family are happy. There are many beautiful places but what make a place even greater is the people you are with.

You only do summer trips once a year might as well make it fun and memorable. The time spent will strengthen the bond of the family. If you are thinking of inexpensive summer trips, you can consider the nearby park or beach. You can camp outside your house. The important thing here is you are together. The place or the money is not important.

Family going on road trip

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