Dengue Alert

Reports say that dengue cases here in Singapore reached the 10,000 mark. The number is exactly 10,258 as of 3PM yesterday, June 24, 2013.  This is not good especially now that Singapore is experiencing the hot season which is a suitable season for mosquito breeding. The Environment and Water Resources together with the National Environment Agency are doing their best to reduce dengue cases.


The National Environment Agency specifically released guidelines or prevention checklist for residence so they can effectively thwart the spread of dengue fever in their houses and the whole of the neighbourhood. The guidelines are as follows:

Stop the breeding of Aedes mosquito

The first thing that you should do is stop the breeding of Aedes mosquito. You will know it Aedes if you see black and white stripes in their body. The mosquito favours to breed in stagnant water.

Turn pails & cans

The basic thing that you can do is turn pails and cans and make sure no water is collected. You should do this regularly to get rid of the mosquito’s shelter.

Get rid of water in pots

If it is possible, avoid using plant pots. You should regularly remove water to get rid of the mosquito’s habitat.

Always change water in vases

If you have flower vases, make it a point to change the water every day. Since putting water is inevitable when you have flowers or plants, the least thing that you can do is change the water every day to get rid of eggs.

The spread of dengue can be reduced if all people come together to stop it. This is a collective effort. Most importantly, don’t underestimate dengue because a lot of people died because of it.

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