Everything You Need to Know About Dog Allergy


Pets are one of man’s best and loyal friends. As much as you want to get pets, it is important that you first refer to your house rules. There are some residential areas here in Singapore that allows pets while some do not. After confirming that pets are allowed, the next thing that you do is to choose whether you want a pet dog or cat.

If in this case you want to have a pet dog, your next dilemma is to make sure that you are not allergic to it or the people around the house. A dog allergy can be mild to severe depending on your exposure and sensitivity to allergens. If you are highly sensitive, you can develop serious symptoms like breathing problems as well as rashes minutes after touching the dog or entering the house.

Here are the things that you should know about dog allergy:


It is not hard spotting or identifying symptoms. Symptoms include sneezing or stuffy nose, watery and red eyes, itchy eyes, hives or skin rashes and facial pain (usually form your nasal congestion). Some develop rashes after being licked or scratched by the dog.


You have wrestled and considered all things in the house except for your dogs. It is time that you check if you really have a dog allergy. If you suspect that you are allergic to them, you have to immediately see your allergist for proper diagnosis and eventually treatment.

The most common test is skin-prick. This test will let the allergist confirm the allergy. In this test, a small of dog allergen is placed unto your skin. You will be monitored for signs like redness and swelling. Results will be available in just twenty minutes. Even if you are sure it is a dog allergy, it pays to be sure with the help of allergists.

Allergy management

The best thing that you can do to eliminate your allergy is to avoid the dog. Though it is painful to consider it, you have to think about removing your pet. If it cannot be helped, at least do not let them inside the house and if you cannot deal with that, at least close your bedroom. There are high efficiency air filters that you can purchase for reducing allergen inside the house.

There you go. Now you can finally understand the allergy. Perhaps you heard about an allergy-free dog. Does such exist? There is no allergy-free dog however you can consider particular breeds as their allergens are not as much as majority dog breeds. You should choose Portuguese water dogs and poodles.

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