Free Things to Expect in a Flight  


Flying in the past is luxurious with all the gratis but these days, we are afraid to ask for some because the airline might charge us extra. However, there are still little things that we can expect in a flight for free. Fancy what they are? Here’s the list of gratis that we can enjoy during the flight:


  • Toothpaste: There are specific airline companies that provide a dental hygiene kit – you only need to ask. Having a fresh breath is better especially if you attempt to speak to your neighbour.
  • Slippers: If you are in for a long-haul flight, it is not wrong to ask for slippers and socks. These things are simple yet it can give comfort. The trick here is to be kind to the attendant and you might find yourself with slippers and socks.


  • Kid’s games: To get kids occupied during the flight, some airline companies conduct games and activities. Your kids might be given colouring books or portable devices that will distract and keep them occupied all throughout the journey. It is the best interest of the airline to keep kids quiet, comfortable and enjoyable.
  • First aid supplies: If you ask for it, the attendant might give you Band-Aids or Neosporin.
  • Ear plugs and sleep masks: You notice the noise on the plane when it is time to sleep. The simple remedy is ear plugs and many airline companies provide a handful for passengers to be comfortable. If the light is too distracting for you to sleep, you can consider sleep masks. You just need to ask.

Travelling outside Singapore should be a pleasant experience and need not to be that expensive. With these simple gratis, things are different and more enjoyable.sleepmaster

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