Habits to Avoid in Text Messaging


You love your sister or mother but you hate how she texts with all the exclamation points and the hasty texts that fill up your phone. Sometimes you reply without thinking and you will wonder why she is hostile. With this, it is important that you watch out before you actually send text messages.


There are bad habits to avert in text messaging that you should know about. These bad habits include:

  • Excessive use of exclamations: No matter how excited you get with things going around, you have to be careful of not overly reacting. You have to avoid excessive use of exclamations. The one you are speaking to generally gets what you want to say so there is no point stressing it.


  • Relying too much on auto correct: Auto correct means well but sometimes it can be funny, damaging and embarrassing. If you sent something to your friend, it is funny. If it is your mom, it can be pretty embarrassing. However if you sent something to your boss, it can be very damaging. So before clicking send, make sure to review or read everything.


  • Extreme initials: There is no harm in using initials because it can save a lot of effort and time however, extreme usage can be very confusing and time consuming at times. Limit your words to OMG or LOL. OK is good too. But never other initials like LMFAO, ROTFL or SMH. If you do not want misinterpretation, you have to avoid extreme use of initials.


  • Wrong sent: Before sending any message, it is beneficial if you check the recipient first. If the recipient is correct, carry on. If it is mistakenly sent, it will never come back.


  • Overly long messages: If you want to talk to someone about something, why don’t you pick the phone and chatter away? Do not write long text messages because it can be very annoying and inconvenient for those who are reading it. Practice to write short but concise text messages.

That should summarize everything. These things may be too small for you to ignore but when it comes to other people, these habits can be bad and devastating. You have to be careful of what you say or you will be surprised of the reaction of other Singaporeans. Always take note of the things that you send because at the end of the day, what was sent will never be retrieved or cannot be taken back.


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