How to Hire a House Painter

If your house is already starting to chip and peel then it might be right time to get a house painting service. There are a lot of good painting services in Singapore but how will you know as to whom you’ll entrust your house repair to. Here are some tips that you can use when choosing a house painter to fix and repaint your house:


1. Before you go and think of getting a home painting service, you should first decide on a couple of things like the estimates and quotes for the service. Also, know as to what kind of paint you’ll be using for the job ahead of time and inform your painter about it. It will also help if you inform your painter about the square footage of your house so that they will have an idea as to how big your house will be.

2. Try contacting a couple of house painting services in your local area in Singapore to get a quote or an estimate. It’s a good idea that you ask for an estimate so that you will have an overview as to how much you’re going to pay for their job, the materials to be used and other expenses. The estimate should also include the amount of the necessary deposit that you’ll give to start the work.


3. After hearing some of the estimates, choose the one that gave an estimate that you think would fit your projected budget for the job. After that, talk with your chose painter as to what kind of timeline would be possible to get the job done fast. Also, assure if they can abide with the time of completion that they gave you to get the job done.

Go to the company of the creative painting services in Singapore that you’re planning on hiring and find out if the company is licensed or bonded. Also, make sure that the painters of the company are experience and only do and provide quality outputs by asking for a list of their recent customers.

4. If they have given you references of their previous customers then it would be a good idea to contact those persons and ask their opinion about the kind of service offered by the home painting company that you’re planning to hire. Ask them questions about the timeline of the work, the clean-up after the work and if they’re quite satisfied with the end result of the job.

5. If you already have the estimate and price that you need and the necessary information about your prospective painter, then it’s now the time to choose the house painter that you want to hire. Contact them as early as possible and ask if they can already start the job in repainting and fixing your house.


Getting really good painting services can greatly help in fixing and improving the look of your house and increase its aesthetic value that’s why it’s really important that you find the right and trusted house painter for you and your home.

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