How to Make Eye Bags Less Conspicuous

As much as possible, women avoid dark circles under the eyes or eye bags because they will appear older. Causes vary but the good thing is that we can minimize or totally eliminate the presence of dark circles under our eyes. Here is how to make eye bags less conspicuous:

Determine the Cause

Dark circles under the eyes can be a cause of inadequate sleep, allergy and nasal congestion. If we identified the main cause, we should address it immediately. Inadequate sleep for example is easy to deal with, we just need to get as much sleep as we can during the night and after a week or so, try to observe if the circles subside. If on the other hand the dark circles are caused by allergies, we should take care of the allergy immediately or to be safe, remove the allergen. Lastly, puffiness and dark circles can be a cause of blocked nose or nasal congestion. If this happens, the safest way to deal with it is to make a saline solution.

Natural Remedies

Cucumber is a famous natural remedy for dark circles or eye bags. This remedy is simple to carry out: slice a cucumber, lie down, close our eyes, place the sliced cucumber over each eye and wait for 10 to 20 minutes. This is most effective if it is prepared daily.

We can also try the ice remedy. We just need a soft cloth to wrap the ice. Another alternative is a frozen spoon. By putting these cold objects over the eye, it will assist in the reduction of swelling and discoloration.

Artificial Remedies

If all else fail, it is time to look for eye creams with Vitamin K and Retinol content and concealer.

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