Important Things to Know About Paralysis


If there is one thing that you always pray for, it would be the safety of your loved ones at all times. But you have to accept that sometimes, things happen that will test the strength of your character. If in this case you have a loved one that recently suffered from brunt of injuries, you have to know how to care for them.

Here in Singapore, there are many patients enduring some degree of paralysis. You have to know that paralysis can either be partial (occurring on one side of the body) or complete (occurring on both sides of the body). If it is a paralysis that affected the patient’s lower half, it is called paraplegia. If it affects the patient’s upper half, it is called quadriplegia.

For the patient, everything may happen so quickly that they are still in disbelief and shock. This is a crucial time for them so it is important to be there. Being a caregiver is not easy but you have to find ways to continuously help the patient – even if they do not feel like helping their selves. Remember that adjustment takes time and effort.

As for the body care, the caregiver should know how to change the position of the patient at least every two hours. If you notice bed sores, you need to treat it. If left untreated, it can lead to many complications. If you want for the patient to have better chances of recovery, you have to search for rehabilitation facility. This decision will significantly affect the recovery of the patient in the long run. More importantly, emphasize the importance of exercise to your patient. There should be a routine. You have to be patient as the recovery can last from six months to two years or more.

Aside from these things, you have to know that there is a breakthrough that can offer hope to patients with injuries particularly spinal injuries. There is a brain implant conducted in two paralyzed monkeys and with neural chips, they started to walk again.

Researchers started to implant chips on the brains of the paralyzed monkeys. The chips then transmitted signals that can stimulate the leg muscles. One subject regained its ability to move or walk in just 6 days. Imagine if this technology is perfected. It will surely help a lot of people who are physically challenged.

Let us just hope for the best. While this is perfected, you have to help your loved ones. Your love and support can get through everything.

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