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If you are a fan of extreme sports, there are many establishments or facilities that you can use to support you. You can begin by going to the following establishments or facilities:

Transformers The Ride


Transformers The Ride is located in Resorts World Sentosa. If you like Transformers (the movie) and you wonder what it feels like, you should try this ride. This ride brings to life the story of the iconic battle between the Decepticons and the Autobots. The ride offers realistic HD media, visual effects and flight simulator that will surely amaze you.

Admission fee depends on the period. During peak periods, admission for adults is S$74, S$54 for children, S$36 for elders and S$50 for express pass. During non peak periods, admission for adults is S$68, S$50 for children, S$32 for elders and S$30 for express pass. They are open ever Monday-Thursday (10am to 7pm), Friday, Saturday and Holidays (10am to 9pm) and Sunday (10am to 7pm).

Red Dynasty


Red Dynasty is located in Bottle Tree Park. It is a paintball arena which is considered the largest and newest here in Singapore. Admission depends on the package you choose. Package A (30 paintballs/person) costs S$10, Package B (50 paintballs/person) costs S$25.90, Package C (100 paintballs/person) costs S$35.90, Package D (250 paintballs/person) costs S$49.90 and Package E (250 paintballs/person + paintball mask) costs S$84.90. They are open every Monday- Friday (9am to 9pm) and Saturday-Sunday & Holidays (9am to 7pm).



SKI360 is located in East Coast Parkway. It is considered as the first ski park. You can try surfing, water skiing, wakeboarding, cable skiing, knee boarding and the like here. Admission fee depends on the hour. During weekdays, you will pay S$32 for 1 hour, S$48 for 2 hours, S$70 for 4 hours and S$115 for 8 hours. During weekends, you will pay S$42 for 1 hour and S$64 for 2 hours. They are open from Monday-Friday (10am to 7pm) and Saturday-Sunday (9am to 10pm).

If you want to take it slow, there are fun activities or sports that you can consider. You can try wakeboarding, tennis, badminton, baseball, basketball, camping, diving, snorkelling, swimming and many more.

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