Outdoor Activities that You Can Enjoy

Get out from the confines of your office and smell the flowers, feel the breeze and enjoy the sun. There are many outdoor places here in Singapore that you can go to. You can bring your family and friends to make it memorable. Here are some spots that you can consider: Gogreen Segway Eco tricor cholesterol Adventure go-green If you want an ultimate outdoor experience, head to Beach generic lipitor View, Segway Hub and enjoy Gogreen Segway Eco Adventure. You can use the Personal Transporter in exploring Sentosa. If you want other pleasurable rides, you can try Fun Ride or Eco Adventure. Admission fee depends on the ride you want to avail. For Fun Ride, you should pay S$12 and S$38 for Eco Adventure. If you have any concerns, you can call them at (+65) 9825-4066. Singapore Indoor Stadium singapore indoor stadium Singapore Indoor Stadium is located in celebrex generic Stadium Walk. The indoor stadium has been the host for different concerts, performances and sporting events. It offers entertainment, shopping and fine restaurants. For event schedules, you can call them at (+65) 6344-2660. East Coast Park east-coast If you want to bowl, picnic, skate, stroll, bike, windsurf, kayak, wakeboard or simply dine at any nearby restaurants, East Coast Park is the best pick. It is located in Bedok. Many people enjoy going here because it is buzzing with activities. The admission is free. Padang padang Padang is a famous venue for sporting events like hockey, rugby, cricket and football. If you go here, you will see and admire the colonial architectures such as Singapore Recreational Club, Singapore Cricket Club, Supreme Court, Parliament House and the City Hall. Working hard is not bad but you should give time for yourself through engaging in different recreational activities. But if you want to spend your time inside the house and simply rest, you are free to do that. The important thing here is you enjoy every moment of it and when you get back to work you will surely feel inspired and rejuvenated.

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