Photos: Why Do We Take and Keep Them?

In our time, taking photos is too easy it’s almost a joke. Because of the advent of social media and smartphones, we take pictures almost every day. We take selfies, pictures of our food, pets, and a lot more. We do it too much that some would even dare say that we’ve lost the real essence of taking pictures. But even so, meaningful purpose or not, there are always reasons to take and keep photos.

Keeping memories

Probably the most apparent reason why we take photos is for us to hold on to the memories behind them. We may not notice it but life goes by so fast that we sometimes fail to remember certain parts of our everyday life. Photos can take us back to those important moments and help us reminisce those memories with others.

Whether you’ve went to a vacation in Sentosa, or had a picnic at the Esplanade Roof Garden with your boyfriend/girlfriend, photos take you back to those times and quite possibly help those moments live forever. To put it simply, there are times in our life that we just can’t let slip by without any means of recording them, and taking a photo can be the easiest medium for the job.

To help us realize the value of small things

Sometimes we can get too focused on the big things in life that we fail to notice the small details that contribute to them. Photos help us see the simplicity of life, and that not all things have to be big and complicated to be recognized. A picture of a small butterfly or that of a dew drop on a leaf can be as breathtaking as seeing grand shows or big fireworks.

Photos help us see that there are many unique and beautiful moments in life that we simply fail to observe. With photos, we get another opportunity to see some things that we might have missed if we went about our day like we normally do.

A spark of inspiration

Different photos tell different stories. There can be photos capturing moments of victory or defeat, happiness or suffering, even the beautiful and the grotesque. These images can influence the way we feel as we see them, images of war and turmoil can make us feel sad or mournful while images of victory and love makes us feel happy and light-hearted.

Much like words, photos are great sources of motivation and inspiration. Take Arnold Schwarzenegger, for example. He looked at photos of himself thinking “This man will be the greatest bodybuilder the world has ever seen”. And apart from his work ethic, the idea and image of himself on the top drove him to be the best and actually be known as one ofthe greatest bodybuilders in history.

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