Simplest Ways Couples Can Save More


We hear divorce and separations here and Singapore and it is alarming knowing that it has increased over the years. There are many factors and reasons for divorce and probably they ended it because of money matters. There is no hiding that couples sometimes argue because of money problems. Knowing this, we have to be careful.

Couple Saving Money

Whether we are just planning to build a family or planning a wedding, it is crucial that we know some ways to save more. Before money problems destroy our relationship, it is better to avoid such arguments and discussions in the future. We have to talk about money problems now before it takes a toll in our relationship. The best time to save is now.

Here are some modest ways on how we can save more:

  • Eat out less. It is not wrong to go out and indulge ourselves once in a while but if it becomes a habit, we have to be warned. Dating here in Singapore is costly from fancy restaurants to exclusive membership clubs. Even hawker foods become expensive eventually if we eat out more often.
  • Eat at home more often. It was mentioned earlier that dating here is costly. If we are serious about saving more, the best solution is cooking at home more often. We do not have to be master chefs. As long as our food is edible (a bonus if it is healthy), it is better than going out. Cooking is fun if it is done together.


  • Use group discounts. We do not want to deprive ourselves of watching movies. If we really want to watch a movie, we have to look for group discounts. Sometimes it is good to involve other people when going out. Let us take advantage of group discounts like in Golden Village. If we book 4 tickets via Visa credit card, we only pay for 3.
  • Know each other’s spending weaknesses: Now we are careful about our money but we all have our spending weakness. It is beneficial if we know each other’s weakness so we will know how to avoid it and if it cannot be avoided, we will know how to limit it because of our partners.

If we talk about saving now, it will definitely be a habit with persistence. Setting aside money as a couple is less stressful and there will be fewer arguments. With this, it will surely strengthen our bond by meeting our financial goal.


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