Singapore and Chili

Singapore has always had a friendly relationship with spicy food as kids of young ages are taught how to appreciate and enjoy spicy food. Not only does spice add an extra kick, it is one of the easiest things you can do to elevate the taste of your food. Now, the whole world sees Asia as a source of spices and chili is not an exception. Chili is a type of spice that triggers heat in your mouth.

Our tongue operates in so many different ways. Our pallets activate the moment we eat something with a different taste or flavor. There have been countless chefs working on how to improve their pallets because they understand the importance of taste. The way our mouths function is amazing. As soon as food lands in our mouth, our tongue then translates the flavor by sending messages to our brain to distinguish which pallet is actually triggered. The more pallets that are triggered, the more colorful the flavor may taste. This is the relevance of spicy food. Without spice, you wouldn’t be able to play around with someone’s pallet.

Our city has been known to be a city of many nationalities but let’s talk about the top nationalities instead of talking about all of them. Well, let’s take a look at the Chinese, there are so many Chinese dishes that beautifully incorporates chili into their ingredients and it is very evident with their food. The same thing applies for the Malaysians. Not only do they like to use chili, they like to use quite a lot.

Speaking of Chili, we can’t get past this article without mentioning the biggest contributor of spicy food to the world, India! Not only do Indians like to use spice, they love it! They love it so much that some of their dishes are drenched in Chili and are really spicy.

Not only do they have a huge tolerance for heat, they actually enjoy the heat and do not view it as something painful but as something delightful.

The world could use a little spice. The chili is the best way to get heat because not only is it easy to produce, it also adds a really good texture to your pallet. Well, one thing we know for sure, Singapore is crazy about chili! Chili is not only something that brings heat to your pallet, it is also something if mixed correctly with other flavors, it could orchestrate a whole new explosion of flavor in your mind. Spice and heat are definitely important to our pallet, let’s take a minute to appreciate chili in Singapore and order ourselves a bowl of spicy Laksa.

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