Singapore: Red Lights’ District Top Foods

If in roads, red light means stop. The red light district in Singapore will make you stop with the different mouth-watering foods. Stopping doesn’t mean that you will be going to have a full stop and only stare at those foods. You need to stop and munch everything that your eyes see. Usually, foods sold in the red lights district are one of the most famous dishes around the world.


One restaurant found in the area is the Sin Huat Eating House. It is known as the “food nazi of Geylang”. If you don’t have patience in waiting then this place is definitely not for you. Sin Huat Eating House serves the dish for an hour most especially if your order is their best-seller – crab bee hoon.

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Crab bee hoon is a thick rice noodles that is soaked in the crustacean juices along with the special ingredient of Chef Danny. On the other hand, Yong He Eating House is the place if you crave for you tiao with pork floss and steamy and sultry rice. This food can be a midnight snack and the good thing about it is that the restaurant is serving the people 24/7 making it impossible to not taste it once.

If you want a veggie class meal, Old Mother Hen traditional herbal soup restaurant gives you a zip with their traditional herbal soup. Also, they serve here different dishes of seafood that is served for all customers. Obviously, there are many food chains in Singapore and the Red light’s district is one common place you need to visit if you crave for different cuisines of Singapore.



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