The Longest-Reigning Royalties in History

In our history classes, we just talk about the rise and fall of empires and kingdoms. We rarely tackle some significant figures that made their rule a legacy. This is the time that we give praise to significant figures that dedicated their lives to give inspiration to their constituents. pepi22 Here is the list of history’s longest reigns:

  • Pepi II: Pepi II was the fifth pharaoh of ancient Egypt. He became ruler at the age of 6 in 227 B.C. According to some records, Pepi II lived until he was 100 years old which mean he ruled for at least ninety four years. However, some estimates suggest that he only reigned for about thirty one years old.
  • Sobhuza II: Pepi II was four when we became a leader however Sobhuza II was merely an infant at four months when his father suddenly died. Sobhuza II was the leader of Swaziland. He led Swaziland to independence. He died in 1982. He reigned for eighty two years.


  • Bernard VII: Bernard VII was the ruler of Lippe from 1429. He died on 1511. He reigned for eighty one years.
  • Louis XIV: Louis XIV was known as the “sun king”. He was the leader of France from 1643 to 1715. His Excellency established his rule from the Palace of Versailles until the French Revolution. He reigned for seventy two years.
  • Johann II: Johann was the Prince of Liechtenstein. He was also known as “Johann the Good”. He reigned from 1858 to 1929. He reigned for seventy years.
  • Elizabeth II: The queen succeeded after the death of her father on 1952. She is online Zantac 89 years old now and so far the oldest current monarch in the world. She reigned for seventy three years and still counting.


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