The Right Type of Aircon System for Your Home

Always keep in mind, as a general rule when choosing an aircon unit for your home, to buy newer models because they have higher energy efficiency and it will require you to have aircon servicing less often. This means to say that they conserve more electricity than older aircon units. In Singapore, another important factor that you must take into consideration is the size of the room you intend to put the aircon unit in. For small rooms, it is highly advisable to use small aircon units too.

Here are 3 different types of aircon systems for your guidance and reference.

Types of Aircon Systems

    Split Type – Split type aircon is a combination of both indoor and outdoor types of aircon systems. This type is best to use when you have a huge, single room to cool or even two small rooms. The primary advantage of this type of aircon is that you can install it without having the need to create a hole through the wall, but expect a more tedious aircon maintenance with this type of aircon unit.

    Window Type – This type of aircon is the most popular among the other types. This is what we usually see in small offices or other houses. Unlike the split type, you need to make a hole through the wall to install a window type of aircon. This type is generally easier for aircon repair.

    Central Type – Among all types of aircon systems, the central type is the largest and is typically used in malls and hotels. This is advantageous in terms of investment and costs since they will usually need only one best aircon servicing company from Singapore to maintain and no longer need to install lots of smaller aircon units to cool a big space.

If you intend to cool only a small space, then either split type or window type of aircon is the best choice for you. In addition to consuming less energy, these types will also require less extensive aircon servicing. They are less expensive than central type and are more suitable for houses.

More Things to Consider

Before shelling out money on your new aircon, here are a little more reminders and tips you need to know when buying your unit in Singapore.

Is there really a need for you to use aircon? Are you prepared to pay the additional costs brought by using aircon? Or are you satisfied already with a stand or ceiling fan? If you think that you will not be using aircon that much, you might as well forget about buying and installing one in your home as it can jack up your electricity bill, not to mention the additional expenses for aircon servicing.

If you are satisfied with your answers to those questions, the next questions you need to answer are the following:

What are the specific areas in your house that you want to have airconditioning? You need to determine how many rooms and how large are they so you would know what type and how many aircon units you have to install. Knowing this can reduce your need for aircon servicing.

What brand is the best? Based on Reader’s Digest Asia, the number one brand of aircon in Singapore is Daikin. However, you can also try to search in the Internet for reviews about which brands and manufacturers are good in Singapore so you will have many options to choose from.

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