The Secret to Gaining Weight

If there are people trying to lose weight, there are also other people trying to gain weight. Gaining weight or maintaining a healthy weight – just like losing it – is a big challenge. It should be stressed that we do it the right way. It is not enough to enjoy binge eating because that is just careless. Instead of doing good, it can cause harm instead.

Eating a lot will surely gain us some weight but we should always keep in mind the nutrition content. Yes high fat foods can help us gain weight but it is not healthy. It is recommended to eat at least six times a day with each meal containing protein, starch and fat. As much as possible avoid diet sodas. Drink juice or milk instead.

If you prefer breads, choose whole wheat, rye and oat bran. You can add a peanut butter, jam, honey and cheese as your spread. You can also eat starchy vegetables like potatoes, peas, corns, squash and carrots, and couple it with fruits like bananas, pears and apples. To reinforce everything, we can always consider food supplements. Weight training can help us gain more weight. Weight training can effectively convert extra weight into lean body mass.

It is better if we have personal trainer. Just a reminder, we should never expect to gain weight with one spot eating or physical exercise. We should give our body more time to absorb our food and its nutrients. If we see no improvement after a long while, it is time to see the doctor. We may have a medical condition that impedes us from gaining more weight.

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