Tips in Storing Your Wedding Dress after Your Wedding

Although it took a couple of months to create or look for your ideal bridal gown, most wedding gowns are usually discarded and left hanging without care after the wedding day has passed. But if you’re one of those Singapore brides who’s planning to keep or sell their gown, then keep in mind that you should take care of the delicate cloths of your gown. To help you with that, here are some insider secrets that you can use to properly care and store your dream gown after your special day.

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1. Have it dry cleaned immediately.
Immediately cleaning your bridal boutique gown after your wedding day is important to keep it in its best form. If you leave it unattended for some time, the stains left on the dress will settle and will be more difficult to wash off. If you’re busy for your honeymoon, you can ask someone to drop off your gown to a cleaning station, or have the cleaners come and pick your gown before you leave. Ask your friends or simply search the Internet to look for the best dry cleaners in Singapore.

2. Wrap it properly and carefully. Perhaps the only way to store your wedding gown for a long time is to box it with some acid-free tissue papers. You’d want to keep your gown from anything that might stain it over time, which is why it’s suggested that you store it in a couple of acid-free tissue papers and box it to seal in the air. Alternatively, some of the bridal boutique couture brides in Singapore frame their wedding gowns and hang them on the wall inside a 3D shadow box.

If it’s impossible for you to box and store your gown prior to your honeymoon, then we suggest that you store it inside a 100 percent cotton garment bag, since plastic bags won’t allow garments to breathe. Also, make sure to hang it on a white padded silk-coated hanger instead of the wooden one.


3. Store your dress sensibly. Remember to store your bridal gown somewhere that isn’t humid or damp, and out of sunlight. If your garment is made of natural fabrics and you chose to hang it under the light in the studio for a long time then expect its colour to turn yellow as it is natural fibre. But if you choose a known bridal boutique like Whitelink in Singapore that makes good quality wedding dresses, they will teach you some tips in gown storage too. So store your boxed dress in the cupboard or under your bed, and make sure that it’s flat.

Other Wedding Gown Storage Tips:

• From the Shop. When you pick up your wedding gown from your bridal shop, make sure that you set it inside a long garment bag and lay it on the backseat of your car, or hook it on a handle on one window. It should then be hung in a high place so the creases will drop out and no more will be created.

• Up to the Wedding Day. When you already brought your gown home, avoid constantly trying it on or pulling it out of the bag just to show it to people. The more you expose wedding gowns set in liquid silk and other delicate fabrics, the greater the chance that it’ll gain oil marks, which will become worse over time.

• On the Actual Day. As you prepare for your special day, do keep in mind to not hang your gown in a fire sprinkler system on your hotel room’s ceiling, or it will end up setting off the sprinkler system leaving your room and gown flooded. Certainly, this is the kind of stress that you wouldn’t want to experience during your wedding day.


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