Tips on Maximizing Your Space

To date, there are about 48,200 HBD rental flats here in Singapore. By 2017, the Housing Development Board plans to increase its supply to up to 60,000 units. The estates have many advantages and disadvantages. One advantage, for example, is the cost and the peacefulness of the place. For the disadvantage part, families living in the flats noted the size; there are others that find it small.


If space is your dilemma, you can do something about it. You can either look for a flat with bigger space or simply bear living in your current flat and make the most out of it while you save for a bigger place. In order to maximize space, here are some tips you can follow:

1.   Look for multipurpose pieces. You should invest with your furniture pieces. You should look for pieces that can function in two ways that way you can save more space.

2.   Choose the right hue. Dark colours can make a room look even smaller. The trick is to look for a lighter shade because it can create a feeling of more open space. Consider light shades of yellow, cream, gray, blue, etc.

3.   Glass here and there. Glasses can trick you into believing that you have a spacious room. You can install wall to wall mirrors or you can simply add glass on open areas. It reflects light giving a spacious feel.


4.   Colour your ceilings. Light hues on your walls can already create a spacious effect, but if you give your ceilings bright colours and vibrant fixtures, it will create an illusion of height, further expanding your room.

5.   Put something big. If you have a small space, it doesn’t mean you have to put tiny things too. You should look for a prominent thing to have a spacious effect. You can consider a chair for example.

6.   Arrange your things. You should arrange your things appropriately. Clutter will make your place smaller. Since you want your place to look big, you should organize your things and avoid clutter.

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