To Ask or Not To Ask For A Slice of Lemon?


Many Singaporeans know lemons for its many uses and applications. It is a fruit which means it is good for the body from relieving sore throats to lowering blood pressure, pursing the blood, preventing kidney stones, treating rheumatism and more. It is known as an efficient cleaning agent from freshening the fridge to deodorizing the garbage, keeping the insects out getting tough stains. Looks like it is a super fruit.


Aside from that, lemons make a good drink especially during summer. When it is too hot, somehow your body craves for a citrus treat and you instantly think about lemons. Putting citrus fruits in every drink is okay – or not. Putting lemons to make drinks taste fresh and better is common but you have to be careful next time you ask for a slice of lemon.

Should you ask for a slice then? Unless you ask a slice for cleaning purposes, you should not have it in your drink. A study that is recently revealed in the Journal of Environmental Health that lemon slices which were added into drinks was not safe. The study involved drinks of twenty one different restaurants and found out that 70% of samples elicited microbial growth. The researchers identified 25 microbial species.


Furthermore, the researchers revealed that the microbes found on the samples have the likelihood to cause transmittable diseases. For this, the researchers are urging the public, including the owners of restaurants to be mindful of lemon slices added in their beverages as it could potentially carry pathogenic microbes that can harm one’s health.

The study was conducted by Dr. Philip Tierno who is the New York University School of Medicine’s professor of Microbiology and Pathology. He said that there are many instances when lemons get contaminated thereby developing pathogenic microbes. He said that many people touch lemons from handling it to cutting it, placing in a cup picking the slices and dropping in the drink or on the rim of the glass.

With this knowledge, you know better now than ordering lemonade or any drinks with lemon as it can be dangerous to your health. You should share this to your fellow so they will be aware. Some innocently drink or eat the lemon and it is about time that they know its health implications. So next time you are in a restaurant, do not order for something with lemons. It is better and safe to just drink water and nothing else.


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