Top Nail Polish Colors That Attract Most Men in Singapore

Wearing of nail polish is common to women. Most girls love to put nail polish on their nails to show their creativity or perhaps to show their fierceness. Nail polish differs in color. The colors will somewhat determine the attitude and the personality of a person. For instance, if a lady wears red polish, the perception of people is that the lady has a wild personality whereas if she wears light-colored polish like yellow, she will probably be identified as a sweet lady.


Most of the time, men easily gets captivated by girls’ nail color. Thus, girls’ need to list down these nail polish top colors Emerald Emerald is a shade of green that is typically bright and light. The use of emerald as a nail gloss pulls the eyes of men because of its elegant and fashionable appeal. Wearing of emerald nails shows the formality of a lady but aside from this, emerald color can sometimes appear sexy especially its slightly dark. Ruby Red Red can easily drag attention. A strong color of red is the most fascinating color men love. Men sees the ferociousness of a woman who wears color red. To be particular ruby red.


Crimson Crimson is another shade of red which is close to red and pink. It can be darker or lighter but whatever it is, it is known to be liked by most men. Soft Pink If you want to be magical and magnetic, pink color is one of the best nail designs. Pink represents a beautiful, stunning and cute personality.


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