Ways to Secure the Photos on Your Phone

Perhaps you heard about the latest buzz in Hollywood wherein the private photos of many female celebrities went viral. This is because their cloud storage services were allegedly hacked. This became a worldwide issue because users are now questioning their security.


Thankfully there are no cloud storage services hacking here in Singapore but it pays to be ready and secure. It is imperative that you practice caution so your photos will not become the hot issue. You can do that by securing your phone but before dwelling on securing your phone, you have to know what cloud storage services are. All major platforms like Windows, iOS and Android phones have an automatic feature that serves as your back up.

Your will automatically upload your photos to help preserve the restricted storage capacity of your smartphone. The automatic upload will allow you to easily share your videos and photos. Now that you know what cloud storage service is, it is time that you move to securing your photos. Here are some things that you need to remember:


  • Create sturdy password: You have to create a sturdy password that cannot be bypassed. You can randomly select numbers and characters. It is hard to remember this but you can just rely to a password manager.
  • Two-factor authentication: Banks and other financial institutions consider the two-factor authentication. If you enable this, it will require you to enter a numeric PIN that will be sent to your phone whenever you log to your online service.
  • Disable uploading: You can decide to disable uploading your photos. You have to remember that you have the choice.



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