Wedding Website Planning Tools

Many Singapore wedding portals offer wedding website facility in order to provide engaged couples a place to organize wedding events. These wedding websites are equipped with many different tools that are essential in wedding planning. They are created specifically to make the planning process much easier and organize wedding events well before in advance.


If you and your fiancé feel a bit overwhelmed with all the tasks ahead of you, wedding planning tools are definitely going to give you great relief as it will take over the computations, arrangements, preparations, and many other more necessary wedding planning duties. Here’s a list of the most common planning tools that most wedding website offer.

Your Own Wedding Website

Congratulations! You’re now engaged. So, spread the good news to your friends, relatives, and the whole world. What else is the best way to reach friends from faraway places? Through the Internet, of course. Keep up with the generation of modern technology by creating your own wedding website from a trusted wedding forum in Singapore, Perfect Weddings. Post your engagement photos, your love story, your wedding planning details, gifts you would wish to receive, and share your journey through blogs and stories online.

Making your own personal wedding website has become a necessity in planning a wedding. It has made everything much easier because of the endless access to different weddings Singapore vendors featured in the website.

Venue Booking

By simply entering the date of your wedding day, you will see all the weddings Singapore venues available together with their wedding package rates. From there, you can choose which venue to hold your wedding and book right away. With the power of the Internet, you can easily place your reservation in the comfort of your own home. There’s no need for you to travel, hop from venues to venues, or make phone calls just to check venue availability and seek for best deals from different hotels and wedding locations. Through wedding websites’ online venue booking, you’ll find the best venues and deals that fit your preferences and budget.


Wedding Checklist

Begin the wedding planning with a comprehensive and easy-to-use wedding checklist. This tool is a common feature in most wedding websites. With all the fine points you have to prepare, the risk of forgetting something is always there. By using the wedding checklist tool of your wedding site, all important points are listed, keeping you organized and ensures that you have nothing to miss in the course of planning.

Many sites also offer a pre-made checklist but still allow you to customize the order and add or delete points according to your preference. You can always access your list anytime you wish to update or review.

Contact List

Forget word documents on your computer or pens and papers for storing contact names and numbers of everybody involved in your wedding. Stay organized. Place all contact details of your wedding planner, vendor, caterer, guests, and other important people in a single organized sheet. These are important details that should be kept safe all the time while letting you access it anytime, anywhere.


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